Matthew Larner

found passion for the guitar at age 14 and was soon performing in rock and jazz bands. At age 17 he performed in the Encore HSC concert at the Sydney Opera House and went on to attain a Bachelor in Contemporary Music, majoring in Composition.

In the mid-1990s Matthew formed the melodic-rock band Majik Lift, released the EP 'Morphodidius', and toured Australia supporting bands such as Def FX and Grinspoon. In 1999 he released a solo singer/songwriter CD 'Moments with Pasquali'. In 2000 Matthew played alongside members of DIG (Directions in Groove) with the funk singer Kurtis.

In 2003 Matthew's attention directed to dance music and DJing and so he formed the minimal progressive Zenon records with his brother Sensient, soon after relocating to Japan to produce progressive-psy trance as Fine Diner. Fine Diner was released on trance labels Cosmic Conspiracy (NZ) and Groove Zone (Japan) and performed in New Zealand, Denmark and Japan with international artists like Ticon and Vibrasphere.

Since moving back to Sydney in 2011 Matthew has foccused on composing and producing two projects under the one name - A-Toniq. A-Toniq Electronica is pure chill out music influenced by many genres, while A-Toniq Acoustica features Matthew's solo guitar works.


A-Toniq has more than 20 years experience composing and performing as a guitarist in various bands and several genres and creates an enjoyable atmosphere through use of subtle melodies and energetic rhythms. Repertoire includes originals, popular classics, jazz and Spanish guitar creating a perfect ambience for corporate functions, weddings, cocktail parties, cafes, markets and festivals. A-Toniq also performs as a duo with his father Glenn on acoustic bass.

Found Peace


Found Peace represents a return to Matthew's acoustic guitar roots. Ethereal melodies meet with spirited rhythmic pulses creating a deep atmospheric mood that soothes the listener. The result is akin to an orchestral guitar dream guiding the listener on several journeys. A collection of tunes inspired by the beauty of life.


Producing groovy soundscapes influenced by many genres to create a lush synthesis for the listener. A-Toniq has performed dance music and downtempo at music Eventss all over Japan, Denmark, New Zealand and Australia. A-Toniq can be booked for cafes, markets, parties, pubs, outdoor Eventss and festivals.



The Nakai EP was written in Tokyo in 2010 and is a dreamy pastiche emulating the four contrasting seasons of the city. The wintery track Yuki starts the disc with dreamy synthesizer and pulsating bass, delving into swirls of percussive builds and clean guitar sweeps over a smooth trip hop beat. Blix starts with the feeling of spring in the air via a crawling loop and calming acoustic guitar motif that switches from dark to light. Inside features echo-like guitar lines and pounding beats as if the humidity of a Tokyo summer has ignited. Shadows in Time brings us to refreshing Autumnal bliss with textured use of acoustic guitar effects, samples and keyboards, settling blissfully with a smooth bass line and chilled beat.


For the Ceremony, A-Toniq can begin with intimate music, featuring Classical, Spanish, Blues, Popular and original guitar pieces. Specific songs can be requested for the walking down of the aisle. For the Reception, A-Toniq can enliven the room during dining with swinging Jazz standards accompanied by a double bass player. For the final stage of the night A-Toniq can DJ a selection of love songs and party anthems from the 1960s to Top 40 Hits to help bring the night to climax. Packages can be tailored to suit your needs, including 'Ceremony Only' or 'Prelude-Ceremony-Party' Packages. Insured for all public, private and corporate events. Well dressed with a professional attitude, flexible and consultative. A-Toniq can cater to the vibe and theme of any event, adding that extra special touch to your special occasion.